school starts its new school year

school starts its new school year (Detroit=Michigan Korean Times) Kevin Shin Youth Reporter= Stony Creek High school starts its new school year, having many students from around the counties registering into their respective grades. High school is mainly divided into four grades: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior. New students coming in from middle schools are going into freshman, while students who have already gotten a year will head into sophomore, and so on. Many students are already participating in after school clubs and volunteer work. One such example is joining the football team. Signups and try outs for the team already took place in the summer, and some games have already taken place. Clubs are after or before school groups that take certain interests in different things, such as Video game design, Spanish, Math, and many more. The clubs focus on those different subjects, and usually surround their activities around them, doing many participating games, work, and many more activities during the school year. Many clubs are still open to all students, and possibly the public, so it is still possible to sign up for all, if not many clubs. However, almost all clubs require a $30 dollar fee to register, so not all of them are free. Although, some clubs are volunteer work, and do not require a fee to join them.

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