Michigan Korean Times Drone Service.

Media facebook : https://fb.me/MKDroneMedia For those interested in using drones for any of the below purposes, then please contact us so we can make it work for you. We follow proper FAA regulations, as well as state and local laws. We have a variety of Drones that are able to be used, such as the DJI Inspire 2 (mktimes1) and the DJI Mavic Pro (mktimes).

All drones are  Commercial Drone registered by the FAA,
and Remote pilots are licensed by the FAA under part 107.
Call us at 248-342-8003 Email us at admin@wkpost.com,
Provided by Would Korean post http://www.wkpost.com
FAA Remote pilot licensee David Shin

Photography and Videography
* News Reporting
* Tourism Marketing
* Sports Events
* Concerts (Must be requested 90 days before concert)
* Advertising
* Event Coverage
* Private/Family Event Photography
* Movie Filming, editing

Real Estate and Construction
* Marketing Media
* Property Photos and Video
* Surveying
* Land Development 
* Project Management
* Rooftop Maintenance

* Asset Monitoring
* Measurement
* Site Planning

* Law Enforcement
* Surveillance
* Infrastructure Inspection
* Asset Management

Aerial Surveys
* Mapping
* Forestry Inspection
* Natural Resources
* Land Cover

Aerial Inspection
* Rooftop Inspections
* Maintenance Survey
* Bridge Inspection
* Powerline Patrol
* Pipeline Patrol
* Tower Construction

* Crop Management
* Vegetation Inspection
* Drought Monitoring
* Pest Control Monitoring
* Plant Examination

Disaster Relief
* Natural Disaster Assistance
* Damage Assessment
* Flood Assessment
* Search and Rescue (SAR)
* Oil Spill Monitoring
* Sinkhole Inspection

Special Requests
* Email us for any requests not on the list

night and over people filming after Apr.26

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