Fort gratiot light House station

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Established in 1825, the light station was placed in the southern area of Lake Huron, near the mouth of the St. Clair River. The lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in all of Michigan, and the second oldest in the Great Lakes Area. The name Fort Gratiot was given because it was close to a military outpost with the same name. However, this lighthouse was poorly built, and soon crumbled after a storm.

 A new light house was built a year later, half a mile north of the original tower’s location. Also near the tower is the Blue Water Bridge, connected the US to Canada, and many old ships nearby, one of which is the “Huron”, used as a museum. Ever since the new tower was established, several maintenance and restoration efforts have been done on the tower, with the most recent one being in 2011, which replaced 35,000 damaged bricks on the outer shell. It is a beautiful place to visit and see the lakes. 

The day that we visited the Fort gratiot light  House was Saturday, June 18th.

Reporting from Michigan Korean Times, Kevin Shin

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