Video 2015 Rochester Christmas Parade

(Rochester Hills = Michigan Korean Times) Youth reporter Kevin Shin=

2015 Rochester Christmas Parade has a beautiful day in which many people participated. Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard and VFW Post 3908 lead with the United States and Michigan Flag, marching through main street of Rochester Hills and Tienken. The US Congressman Mike Bishop and US Senator Gary Peters also marched in the parade today, along with City of Rochester Mayor Cathy Daldin and City of Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett. Many other representatives and council members also marched. The first marching band that appeared in the Parade was the Stoney Creek Marching Band, along with Adams Marching band. Today is a beautiful day to see the Parade marching through, celebrating early for Christmas. Many people have come out to watch and dance together in the parade, or in the crowd. This is the Rochester Hills and Rochester Parade marching, almost all of Oakland County come out to watch and celebrate. Starting today, the happy holidays season begins. Everyone happy holidays,

from Kevin Shin, Michigan Korean Times.

 VFW Post 3908 lead with the United States and Michigan Flag

US Senator Gary Peters

US Congressman Mike Bishop

 City of Rochester Mayor Cathy

City of Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett

 Stoney Creek Marching Band

 Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard

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