Peace statue placed in Cultural center.

2014년 08월 17일 (일) 12:47
Peace statue placed in Cultural center.

Today, August 16, the Korean Community has it’s opening of the statue placement in Southfield, outside of the front door of the cultural center. A couple years ago, started in Palisades park, New Jersey, in front of the public library, there is a statue to remember the Japanese Imperial Military did sexual slavery during World War 2. They never apologized, and never compensated for the young children. They used young girls for sexual slaves during WW2 for their military. All over the world, many people knew about it, including Former secretary of the state department Hilary Clinton. Today, many Michigan Koreans, including government officials, and Korean American Friends, come together, and ask them to join them for Women’s rights all over the world, and also to protect children sexual slaves. It is an education to all over the world and to let them know that they should not have the same events in the future, hurting women. This peace statue is a symbol for Women’s Rights, to treat them better, and to never have sexual slaves again. Below is the inscription written on the statue. The event starts at 1 PM this afternoon. They have Korean Drum dancing, and other events that come with it. Reporting by Kevin Shin from Southfield, Korean American Cultural Center of Michigan. taesin@hotmail.comStatue inscriptionKorean And English
다음은 소녀상 옆에 비문에 새겨진 글귀 전문이다.

” 재미 미시간 동포들은 일본 제국주의 시절 일본 군대에 강제로 끌려가 성노예로 육신과 정신을 유린당한 20여만 명의 여성들과 소녀들의 영혼을 달래고 다시는 천인공노할 범죄가 되풀이 되지 않도록 하기 위해 뜻을 모아 여기에 ‘평화의 소녀상’ 을 세우며 이를 바탕으로 온 땅의 평화와 인간의 존엄, 그리고 여성의 인권이 존중되는 사회가 건설되길 염원한다. 

2014년 8월 16일 재미 미시간 동포

This young Korean woman with a sparrow on her shoulder, casting a shadow of an older person, and staring at the land of Japan, symbolizes the hitherto unresolved issue of “Comfort Women”, a hideous crime of sexual slavery committed by the Japanese military during World War II. 
It also stand; For the Dignity of Human Beings, the Human Rights of the Women of the World, and For the Future of Mankind.

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