Interstellar was one of the greatest movies

Interstellar was one of the greatest movies
Interstellar(Rocheater Hills=Michigan Korean times) Kevin Shin Youth reporter= MichiganInterstellar was one of the greatest movies I’ve watched so far this year. For me, it showed a whole new world in connecting science and entertainment.

In the movie, the main character Cooper and his family struggle to survive while Earth is becoming less and less inhabitable from massive and frequent dust storms. The dust storms continue, along with a blight that kills crops that humans turn to for food. Cooper is chosen for a space mission along with other scientists to explore a distant galaxy to find habitable planets like earth to live on. 

The movie uses actual scientific theories about space, and shows them through very entertaining ways. The movie also presents the theories so that everybody, even people who do not know about theories about space, can understand the movie. The movie’s plot itself was developed well, and was incredible. It is very engaging, and you would not want to miss a moment of it.

In the end, it raised many questions for me, but answered most of them. It showed many scientific theories and subjects, and that was what was most interesting about the movie for me. It showed something very interesting that I could connect to, and gave me answers, which may not be true, but was very entertaining anyways. I would definitely ask others to watch the movie, as Interstellar has truly moved me.

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