Violent games;do they affect us?

Violent games;do they affect us?
(Rochester Hills<Michigan>=Michigan Korean Times) Jacob Shin Youth ReporterThere are controversial topics of where “violent games” influence people to become more aggressive. I took the liberty to show that games may not be a factor to ALL the killings in the world.

  Let me get this straight, games that are violent do not directly kill people; they only factor into the big picture. for example, let’s say that there was a bank robbery in New York, the suspect was a 16 year old caucasian, and the main reason of why he killed someone is because of violent video games. But did you know that said teen was mentally ill and had abusive parents?

 in conclusion, games may only add to the killer and will progress to be a problem if repeatedly  making trouble. Some killings didn’t even have video games as a factor and had people taking exploiting others.

 on that note, what video game caused world war 2?<저작권자(c)Michigan Korean Times LLC. 무단전재 재배포금지>

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