KPAI career seminar 2013

2013년 08월 22일 (목) 22:33
KPAI career seminar 2013
(Novi=Michigan Korean Times) Kevin Shin Youth Reporter=MichiganOn August 22nd, in Michigan, the KPAI, or known as the Korean-American Professionals in the Automotive Industry, held a career seminar for students and teens. The KPAI held a three person panel, consisting of Senator Hoon-Yung Hopgood, Dr. John Lee, and Attorney Gloria Chon. Each panelist gave a description of themselves, their jobs, and how they came to be who they are now.

Senator Hoon Young HopgoodSenator Hopgood aspired to be many things, from a fighter pilot to a stock broker. He got into politics around his college graduation, and soon was elected Senator. He tells the seminar that “you will never know what is around the corner” with politics.JD.Gloria ChonMs. Chon first took jobs in the retail industry, such as product development, and design and manufacture. She then attended a law school, taking on legal professions such as litigation or non-litigation. She also explained tort laws using an old case from California, in 1855, so the seminar could better learn about tort laws.Dr. John Lee Dr. John Lee went to Cornell University, and was very interested in science. He encouraged students in the seminar to not give up, and be flexible. He became a doctor partly because his mother was also a nurse. He told advantages of learning medicine is that you learn about the human body, large opportunities, but even if you don’t become a medicinal doctor, you could take a research job. He says the most important thing before you go to medical school is that you ask if this is really what you want, or if you could do it long term. He says that because you are dealing with people, you have to be very kind and encouraging.After the brief profiling of themselves, the panelists were then asked questions by students and teenagers alike, and answered all of them, giving much detail. One such question was that if they were able to go back in time to college, what would they change. They said they wouldn’t change much in their past, only some little things.KPAI president  Tim YooAfter the questions have finished, the president  Yoo  gave some final remarks, gave a round of applause and a token of their thanks to the panelists, and wrapped up the seminar.

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