Mayor O’reilly City Of Dearborn Interview

Hi, my name is Kevin Shin! TV newspoint youth reporter.
63 years ago, June 25th, North Korea started a war against South Korea. South Korea at the time did not have enough men or firepower to win the war. Fortunately, UN and americans helped them out for a long 3 years of fighting the country back. 36,000 american soldiers were killed. More than 100,000 american soldiers wounded. It was the most costly war since World War 2. 3 years later in 1953, July 27, UN and north korea agreed to a cease fire on the 38th parallel. Since then, South Korea is a free country

developing from ashes to the 10th largest economic country in the world. As I am a Korean American, born here in the United States, my parents came from south korea. Without US Troops’ help, our family may not be here in the United States. Today, we visit Dearborn City and meet the city mayor, Jack O’reilly, whose father Jack O’reilly Sr. fought for South Korea during the war. He came back to the US and stayed in the City of Dearborn, with his son being mayor of Dearborn currently. Mr. Jack O’reilly Sr. passed away, but his son carries his father’s honor. Every year, Mayor Jack O’reilly Jr. respects Korean War veterans and honors Korean War veterans. Today, I am here with Mayor Jack O’reilly to ask him how his father fought for South Korea during the Korean War. His 18 years as mayor of Dearborn, he continues to carry honor for Korean War veterans and the Armistice event. What is his message for the young generation of Korean People and young generation of American Students.

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