Chicago Korean Festival 2013 영상

Chicago Korean Festival 2013 영상2013년 08월 10일 (토) 22:41

(Chicago<State of Illinois>=Michigan Korean Times) Kevin Shin Youth reporter=
In Bryn Mawr and Central Avenue, on August 10th, many Koreans gather to an event, the Chicago Korean Festival.
There are many sights to see at the festival, such as Dancing and music on the stage, tents with food, Ssireum, and much more. Food stalls will keep your hunger down, with many Korean delicacies. 

During the day, many people dance in the 18th K-pop contest. Near the end of the day, people who are up for a challenge enter themselves as contestants for a singing contest. Judges then pick 10 contestants who will go on to the next night.
People can also enter themselves to Ssireum, pitting themselves against another person to get them to the ground. You can also watch others in the games.
As there are many sights to see, there are many things to keep you occupied and other spectacles to keep you entertained. Everything and anything there is very fun.
This event is hosted by the Korean Commerce of Chicago. They did a fantastic job for many years. A lot of American people come to test the food, and they also said it was wonderful. It seems like K-pop and dancing culture is also growing, the food tasted every year is good. This is about advertising for Korea. 

Channel 41, Won Jung Park for the last couple years hosted the K-pop competition. He says that every year it grows more, seeing perfect young American kids come forward, with very nice food corners, that everyone likes. It does grow continually in Chicago. This K-pop event was sponsored by American Airlines for a round trip to South Korea. Also, a lot of Korean business owners also sponsor the K-pop competition. The Korean Community of Chicago and Korean Cultural center tent booths are open to give information about their organizations. 
Tomorrow on sunday will be the last day of the year for the Festival. 10 finalists will be competing for an amount of $1400 dollar award, sponsored by American Airlines for a round trip to South Korea. Tonight, there was a gangnam style competition, with many people coming to the stage, packing together, and everyone loved it. It was pretty extraordinary. It was good for people to see Korean music, dancing, and singing. For the food, you can eat anything there, just like South Korea. 

MKTimes Youth Reporter Kevin

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